Alien Botanicals CBD Hemp Flower Review

Alien Botanicals is a young small cbd hemp flower company that started in 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. The company offers a comprehensive range of CBD products derived from natural and high-quality industrial hemp. The company uses proprietary nanotechnology to extract CBD, which allows unmatched bioavailability level of the products.

The products are 100% organic and legal in all 50 states of the USA. The hemp cultivation process is free from any growth hormones, chemicals, or pesticides, making them all-natural and safe. The non-GMO and gluten-free hemp goes through all the legal testing methods and set industry standards to ensure high quality, potency, and CBD benefits.


The body absorbs the products more efficiently for lasting effects that include relief to the mind, and body, relieving anxiety, managing pain, maintaining focus, and reducing stress, among many others.

Top Products Offered

The Alien Botanicals brand has a wide range of hemp flower products. The brand's focus is on CBD-derived beauty products, tinctures, salves, creams, and pet care products, among others. The bestselling tincture is the OG Kush Strain that comes in 2500 mg.

The overpowering and patent effects of OG Kush make it a favorite with many users because of how it takes over the senses, body, and mind. It is highly calming, and a single drop puts you to a satisfying sleep. The product has little or no THC content, but it has a high CBD concentration.

Besides the OG Kush, another high selling product is the salve because of its ability to address many physical ailments. It has a thick consistency and potency that takes effect almost immediately after application. The product relieves tension and provides a maximum relaxed disposition.

Other products that make it to the top of the brand's bestselling list include CBD gummies and edibles. Besides the potency and effects of the products, the packaging is also as effective.

Discounts and Coupons

As small as Alien Botanicals is, it provides a wide range of products that come at very affordable prices. Besides the excellent prices, the company also offers 10% discounts on first purchases. If you want to get the discount, you need to sign up for the company's mailing list first.

Signing up also paves the way for promotional offers and other exclusive deals that you get directly into your inbox. The company also cares for the plight of veterans and first responders. If you belong to any of the two categories, have a legit ID, you get discounts on anything you purchase from the company.

Legal Compliance

All the Alien Botanicals products are 100% premium industrial grade hemp. The company does all the harvesting of the hemp flower in their farms and uses the strictest and most advanced processing methods to ensure quality and potency. Independent testers verify the quality of the hemp flowers to ensure that they comply with the farm act of 2014.

Alien Botanicals abides by the law stipulation and ensures that none of the products exceeds THC levels of 0.3%. The company does not make any claims about its products curing or treating any medical conditions-known or unknown. They advise buyers to seek physicians or health workers' help if they have any medical conditions before they take any of their hemp products.

What People Say

People that buy Alien Botanicals products love Alien Botanicals. One of the things they love most about the products is how fast their effects are, compared to products from competing brands.

The high potency and amazing rapid effects result from the advanced technology they use for CBD extraction, making the products bioavailable. It takes the body less metabolization time, allowing you to enjoy the benefits and potency just minutes after taking the product, especially with the tinctures.


  • High potent bioavailable products
  • Wide range of products
  • Offers discounts and promotional offers
  • Legally compliant
  • Third-party testing


  • No information on shipping offers

Wrapping it up

Alien Botanicals is not large, but it is big enough to offer a wide range of products that appeal to many users across various states in the USA. The brand also provides its customers with all the information they need through their website and offers occasional discounts and promotional offers. What is even better is that if you buy from the company for the first time, you get a 10% discount, motivating you enough to buy more.

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