Golf Tips for Standing Too Close to the Ball

Leaning golf is challenging for beginners. Even professional golfers occasionally struggle with one issue or another throughout their golfing experience on the greens. One of the most challenging struggles for newbies is determining the distance to keep from the golf ball before taking a swing.

Golf instructors caution you not to position yourself too close or too far from the ball while taking a shot. In this article, we clarify what standing excessively near a golf ball causes.

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Why You Should Not Stand Too Close to the Golf Ball


Standing too close to the golf ball leads to feeling as if your body is stuck or crowded. One of the reasons is because your hands will too close to the body, and you may have to stand upright to take the swing. Standing upright to take the make the hit also means that your swing will take an upright path.

The upright swing leads to the steepness of the golf club at impact, which creates a steep attack angle. The attack angle leads to poor club contact, which sees many of the shots flying off the target line. Such an angle forces the club to hit the ground first before hitting the golf ball and you end up hitting fat shots.

Hitting the target line is about swinging the club with ease, and you need enough room to do this. Your arms create the room to swing the club and hit the ball on impact. If you stand too close to the ball, you reduce the amount of room between you and the golf ball, which leads to the arms hitting the ball in an upright position or the hands pushing out from the body to make a swing at impact. The move causes a shank or heeled shots.

Being too close to the ball also robs you of the power to make solid contact because you have to be on top of the ball to take a swing. Attacking the ball from the top rather than from the inside leads to releasing the wrists early, which in turn robs you of the power you need to hit at impact.

Is Standing Too Far A Solution?

Some may wonder if standing far from the golf ball is the solution, but the answer is it is not. Standing too far means, you will have to put too much weight towards your toes to reach the ball.

The move may lead to loss of balance on the downswing, which will lead to off-center shots. It would help if you had a good posture to hit the golf ball with confidence and to set the ball too far, messes up with your posture.

Solution-Wrapping It Up

The only solution to taking the right swing is creating the most comfortable golf shoes distance between you and the golf ball. If you are a beginner and do not know what distance you should establish between you and the ball, you can start practicing in front of a mirror.

Do this by working on your posture and positioning the ball at different positions until you find the perfect swinging distance.

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